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Welcome to the official homepage of Forewarning, our tight-knit gaming community.

Forewarning started off as a guild of friends in World of Warcraft. Forewarning was created late into the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, in April of 2010. It was created by a few friends who wanted to raid and progress through 10man content successfully, while still enjoying themselves and their usual easy-going personalities. Even after a late start in the WotLK expansion, Forewarning was still successful. As a guild, Forewarning went as far as 11/12 in heroic 10man content, even when given the obstacles of losing some of their main team members along the way. (Nerf Rl!)

Moving on to the Cataclysm expansion, Forewarning was ready to get a fresh start. Forewarning maintained a #1 position on the Bladefist server as far as raiding progression went, for the first patch of Cataclysm. Forewarning progressed through normal content and challenged heroic difficulties in rapid timing.

Forewarning then moved on and expanded, playing SWTOR, League of Legends, Minecraft, Guild Wars II, Borderlands, and many more games! Join us if you want a group of people to play any of these games with and would like to become part of this tight-knit group. But please, no hard-asses. We're all cool friends here. c:

We are currently progressing through SoO Heroic in the final months of this expansion and are using it to build a solid core raid group to tackle Warlords of Draenor. If you are interested in joining us to raid fill out an application to the left. If you are interested in joining the Forewarned Gaming Community, post on the forums or contact any of our members.

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Heroic Spoils of Pandaria Down!

by Syben, 277 days ago

Its finally down. Took longer than we would have liked due to having people leave town and trying out new additions but we got it done. Below is the kill video from Syben's PoV.

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Heroic Nazgrim Kill

by Syben, 316 days ago

Heroic Dark Shamans Kill

Kill Video

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Heroic General Nazgrim Dead

by Syben, 323 days ago

Heroic Nazgrim Kill Video

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